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“The European Investment Bank has been a partner in Poland’s economic development since 1990. We support investment in Poland that aims to strengthen competitiveness, reduce regional disparities, and raise living standards. In 2016 we provided EUR 4.44 billion in financial support to Poland for projects that will modernize the country’s cities and infrastructure and promote entrepreneurship and innovation. This figure includes EUR 603 million under the European Fund for Strategic Investments, a central element of the Investment Plan for Europe, otherwise known as the Juncker Plan”, said EIB Vice-President Vazil Hudák, who is responsible for the Bank’s operations in Poland, at a press conference outlining the EIB's activities in Poland.

Poland is the biggest beneficiary of EIB loans among the Member States that joined the European Union in 2004, and the sixth biggest among all countries that receive EIB support.

In 2016 the Bank mainly supported the development of road and rail infrastructure in Poland, allocating more than EUR 780 million for the construction and modernization of over 330 km of railway and 40 km of the S7 express road, as well as for the purchase of 30 items of modern rolling stock.

Financial support under the European Fund for Strategic Investments opened up new investment opportunities in the SME, food, energy, and housing sectors, and in the area of health care. This was the first time funding was obtained by means of a hybrid bond issue, which was structured and conducted by the EIB under the EFSI – the first such transaction on the Polish corporate bond market.

The Bank’s financial support of over EUR 1 billion was addressed to Polish SMEs and mid-caps, which will contribute to job growth in this sector. For the first time in Poland, the EIB acquired a mezzanine tranche under the consumer loan securitization programme.

In addition, the EU bank supported the development of Polish cities. It provided loans worth almost EUR 1 billion for the modernization of municipal transport, educational facilities, social and health care facilities, and environmental protection infrastructure in several Polish cities and regions. The EU bank also allocated EUR 700 million to rural development.

In 2017 the EIB will continue to support the implementation of projects in Poland in the aforementioned sectors. It will focus, in particular, on increasing the pace of modernization of Polish cities and on promoting major investment in R&D and energy (including renewables). It will also provide support to SMEs and mid-caps.

In the words of EIB Vice-President Vazil Hudák: “This year, the EIB will continue to seek new opportunities to increase support for enterprises, especially innovative enterprises, operating on the local market, particularly through the use of new products offered under the EFSI, such as financial consultancy, mezzanine financing, and hybrid bonds.”

EIB provides loans to Poland in 2016 worth EUR 4.44 billion, including EUR 603 million under the Juncker Plan