A young Nairobi woman wanted to open a cosmetics shop. Five years later she has her store and makes “a very nice profit.” For more than a decade a Senegalese worker left his home to find work and saw his family only once a year. This year he got a foreman’s job on a new rice plantation in his native village. A Kenyan man promised his dying wife that he’d do something to fix the healthcare system that let her down. In October he opened a hospital “for the masses.”

The European Investment Bank’s blog features a series of articles this week that show how Africans are transforming their lives and their continent. Each story shows the impact of the EIB’s strong investment in support of EU priorities. Look at the continent through the eyes of Africans who used that financing to work wonders.

With the EIB celebrating its Africa Day in Abidjan on Monday, 21 November, the EIB blog highlighted these African stories this week:

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