16 jun
- 17 jun
Warsaw, Poland

The EIB Group (EIB, EIF and EIB Institute) are sponsoring the 13th edition of the European Microfinance Network’s Annual Conference “Shaping European Microfinance: Who, What and for Whom?”, which takes place on 16 -17 June in Warsaw, Poland.  During this two day- conference, microfinance practitioners are sharing experiences and discussing the role of microfinance in the coming years with a view to jointly shaping the next steps.

The event provides an opportunity for microfinance practitioners to review continuously changing market realities, share best practices and learn from each other. About 300 delegates are expected to attend, including EMN member organisations, and representatives from public and private institutions active in the microfinance sector.

The EMN Annual Conference is convened by the European Microfinance Network that is the leading network of European organisations involved in European microfinance issues, bringing together 90 member organisations from the EU Member States.

This event is excellent for networking and should allow identifying new activities within the remit of the EIB Institute as well as new short-term and medium-term businesses opportunities, for example in the context of the ElB Group’s expansion of microfinance operations in the EU (notably Greece).

EIF is looking forward to presenting its very good achievements and future plans under EaSI, the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation, a new instrument that it has been managing since June 2015.

For more information about the event, please refer to the website.