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    This fi-compass event is organised in partnership with the European Commission and is designed to help Member States to further their understanding of how financial instruments can help in their efforts to deliver the objectives of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). The seminar will be opened by Mihail Dumitru, Deputy Director General at the European Commission’s DG Agriculture and Rural Development.

    Seminar content will:

    • Provide Member States and EAFRD managing authorities with an opportunity to learn more about the advantages, features and suitability of financial instruments in delivering Rural Development Programme objectives;
    • Act as an opportunity to discuss in depth the technical challenges that EAFRD managing authorities and the Member States are facing at the moment in regards the design and set up of financial instruments; and
    • Present the range of support available from fi-compass, as well as from European Commission and European Investment Bank co-operation in general.

    Participants will be able to benefit from the experiences of investors and managing authorities who have already been involved with the implementation of financial instruments in agriculture and rural development. Information will also be included explaining the advisory and other support that is available from fi-compass and the EC, EIB and EIF in realising financial instruments on the ground.

    Strong audience interaction is foreseen through panel sessions with high-level participation, question and answer segments as well as roundtables.

    Registration for this seminar is available through the event calendar on the fi-compass website: