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    Following the first European fi-compass conference on financial instruments under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) which took place in Dublin on 23-24 June 2015 and the four macro-regional fi-compass seminars organised in Vienna (1 October 2015), Riga (29 October 2015), Madrid (31 May 2016) and Rome (13 June 2016), DG AGRI supported by the EIB (fi-compass) is now organising its fifth macro-regional event on financial instruments under the EAFRD.

    In this event, participants can expect to further their understanding of how financial instruments can help in their efforts to deliver the objectives of the EAFRD as well as gain knowledge on previous experience with financial instruments, including in field of agriculture and agri-business.

    Participants will hear concrete examples from investors, bankers and/or managing authorities on the implementation of financial instruments in agriculture and rural development, on the advisory and other support available from fi-compass and the EC and EIB in realising financial instruments on the ground.

    The purpose of the event is to:

    • Provide Member States and managing authorities with an opportunity to learn more about the advantages, features and suitability of financial instruments in delivering Rural Development Programme objectives;
    • Provide the opportunity to discuss in depth the technical challenges that the managing authorities and the Member States are facing at the moment as regards the design and set up of financial instruments; and
    • Present the range of support available from fi-compass, as well as from European Commission and EIB Group co-operation in general.

    The target audiences for this conference are:

    • Agricultural and rural development representatives of EU member states and regions
    • EAFRD managing authorities, other ESIF managing authorities
    • Financial institutions directly involved in the design, implementation and promotion of financial instruments established under the RDPs as well as their associations
    • Farm unions
    • Forestry associations
    • Business angels, business associations having rural entrepreneurs as their members
    • Bodies managing or implementing financial instruments under other ESI Funds, etc.

    Also welcome will be:

    • Local or (macro-)regionally operating bodies implementing or considering implementing fund of funds
    • Financial intermediaries such as banks or specialised agencies
    • Capital investors
    • Representatives of LEADER Local Action Groups, and, if capacity allows,
    • Final recipients and other actors supporting financial instruments implementation.

    The detailed agenda of the event is available here. The deadline for registration is Thursday, 20 October 2016.

    The event will take place in English and interpretation will be provided in Polish. Registration is available through the event calendar on the fi-compass website: