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    The European Microfinance Week is a major annual event in the microfinance industry that brings together financial institutions, government agencies, NGOs, consultancy firms, researchers and universities for high level and in-depth discussions.

    The event will feature several plenaries and discussions and will offer ample networking opportunities to microfinance actors. Plenary sessions about “Microfinance for housing finance”, “Women clients ≠ women empowerment: Beyond the numbers” and “Microfinance: positioning ourselves for the next decade” will be organized, along with workshops held by leading speakers.

    This annual event is organized by the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) and is supported by the Government of Luxembourg. The EIB is a sponsor of the event and is hosting the 8th European Microfinance Award ceremony at its headquarters on Thursday, November 30th. This year, the award recognizes the important role microfinance plays in supporting access to housing finance.

    For registration and further information on the event, including the detailed schedule, please visit the European Microfinance Week website.