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    The EIBURS Project “Urban Development Funds in Europe: Opportunities, Structures, Operations” started in 2010 and focuses on the following fields of research: capital markets of urban finance, macroeconomic efficiency analysis, identification of market gaps in urban investment and finance markets of the EU member states, structures and feasibility study of Urban Development Funds, sustainability in urban development, impact analysis of alternative funding mechanisms for integrated urban development projects as well as the added value of JESSICA financial instruments.

    As part of this project, the RWTH Aachen University and the TU Dortmund University are holding a one-day conference on “Efficient Allocation of Structural Funds for Regional and Urban Development”.

    The conference will cover the fields of urban development funding decisions, indicators for the measurement of sustainable urban and regional development, the classification of cities and regions, the involvement of public-private partnerships as a lever for scarce funding resources as well as lessons learned from JESSICA.

    This event aims at providing a forum for networking and exchange among researchers and practitioners from these fields.

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