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    The 28th edition of the Annual Congress of the European Economic Association is taking place in Gothenburg from 26 to 30 August this year. More than 1 500 economists and researchers are expected to participate, making it one of the most noticeable meetings for economics research in Europe. Renowned academics will also contribute to the programme, lecturing on a wide range of subjects from employment and monetary policy to structural change and natural resources in developing countries.

    The European Economic Association is an international scientific body, with membership open to all persons and institutions involved or interested in economics. The EIB Group, together with other national and international institutions, is an Institutional Member of the European Economic Association. The EIB will have a representation stand on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 August.

    For further information contact Luca Gattini, Economist in the Economics Department of the EIB.

    To find out more about the congress, to register and to see the schedule and locations for the conferences, please visit the website.