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    mar 2010
    The Regency Hotel, Les Côtes de Carthage - La Marsa

    The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Republic of Tunisia will be hosting the 7th FEMIP Conference on "Research, Development and Innovation, Keys for a Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean" on 15 March 2010 in Tunis. This high-level event will be honoured by the presence of the Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi as well as several other distinguished speakers.

    The issue

    The focus of the Conference will be on supporting private sector development and the EIB's vocation as a long-term investor. The four broad themes will detail the necessary steps to consolidate a suitably structured innovation chain to successfully create and develop a favourable environment for research, development and innovation (RDI), namely:

    • The institutional framework governing the development of RDI
    • Business Strategies for the development of RDI
    • The role of networks in the consolidation of an innovative Mediterranean economy
    • Supporting tools and funding for innovative companies.


    Since its creation in 2002, FEMIP has been involving the Mediterranean partner countries in its lending policy guidelines through constructive discussions on economic, financial and sectoral matters. This is now a three-way dialogue involving the FEMIP Ministerial Meeting, the FEMIP Committee and the FEMIP Conferences, held on both sides of the Mediterranean shores.

    At the FEMIP Ministerial Meeting held in Brussels on 7 July 2009 it was decided that the 7th FEMIP Conference should address the sustainable development of research, development and innovation in the Mediterranean.


    On Sunday, 14 March at 7 pm a cocktail reception at The Regency Hotel will be offered to all registered guests. The Conference will open at 9 am on Monday, 15 March and the debates will run until approximately 6.30 pm. On Tuesday morning, 16 March, participants will be offered a chance to visit two sites, the Pôle Elgazala des Technologies de la Communication and the Centre International des Technologies de l'Environnement

    The Conference will be interactive. After the opening session, which will provide a broad outline of the topics to be discussed, each session will be introduced by an expert in the field, and a panel will then comment briefly on the subject before opening the floor to discussion with conference participants.