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    The European Investment Bank (EIB) will organize the 4th International Conference of the Long-Term Investors Club (LTIC) on 8 October in Luxembourg.

    Conference outline

    The world economy faces important challenges. Many of the most advanced countries are suffering from weak growth that puts their social and economic fabric under stress: rising and high public debt, high private sector debt and rising and high unemployment, especially for the young and less qualified. At the same time, the evidence for man-induced climate change has become undisputable and requires profound adjustments to transform the economic system in both the most advanced and in emerging countries, especially in the field of energy, to make it environmentally sustainable.

    Meeting the challenges raised by the economic crisis and a changing climate requires determined policy actions and coordination across borders. It also requires significant investment in adaptation and mitigation over the next few decades. How to ensure that these investment needs are met? How to ensure that this is done at an affordable price? These are two essential questions that cover both the public and the private sector. Setting credible long-term policy objectives and achieving these goals as well as the financial architecture are also necessary. These questions are of crucial interest to long-term investors to maximize their contribution to an environmentally sustainable world economy.

    The half day conference will bring together senior policy makers, economists and representatives of the business community from across the globe to discuss these issues. 

    Long-Term Investors Club

    The Long-Term Investors Club was founded by the European Investment Bank, KfW, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti four years ago.

    It aims to bring together major worldwide institutions including sovereign wealth funds, public sector retirement funds, private sector pension funds, economists, financial policy makers, and regulators to assert their common identity as long-term investors, to open the way to greater cooperation between them and to deliver the message that, fostering the right conditions for long-term investment will be an important element in promoting growth and economic stability.

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