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    Roads are essential for connecting farmers to vendors, allowing their goods to be delivered safely and quickly.

    Mee lives in a small remote village in Laos. She makes her living by selling chickens, ducks, and vegetables in the nearest Paksan District. Due to the bumpy and dangerous road that leads to Paksan, it took Mee five hours to access the market, suffering losses along the way because her chickens died or vegetables rotted.

    In June 2020, the road passing through Mee's village was improved and paved. Since then, it takes Mee only an hour to reach Paksan. Her animals survive, and vegetables stay fresh.

    The European Union and the European Investment Bank supported the Lao government in rehabilitating 1 400 km of unpaved roads in six provinces in Laos. The upgraded road network now guarantees safe transport for 1.6 million people. Watch Mee's full story.

    Discover how the EIB improves lives around the world.