On Friday evening, a tornado hit the southwest of Luxembourg injuring 19 people and causing severe material damage in the municipalities of Pétange and Bascharage. The tornado also caused damage in the French neighbouring region of Meurthe-et-Moselle.

Werner Hoyer, President of the EIB, will send a message to Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel this Monday expressing his solidarity on behalf of all EIB Group employees:

“On behalf of all my colleagues at the European Investment Bank Group, I would like to express my solidarity and sympathy with the government of Luxembourg and the people affected by the severe consequences of the tornado that hit southwestern Luxembourg on Friday. We were dismayed by the trail of destruction left by the hurricane in the affected area. 

Allow me also to take the opportunity to express our profound gratitude to Luxembourg to host the European Investment Bank and its staff members! We would like to reiterate our readiness and commitment to support Luxembourg wherever you consider useful.”

An invitation to donate to the bank accounts set up by the municipalities to help the victims of the tornado has been sent out to all EIB staff members.