The EIB is pleased to announce the release of its first ever Diversity Progress Report. This follows the establishment of the Bank's Diversity Strategy in December 2008, and its evolution into a concerted action plan in 2009. Above all, it marks the Bank's recognition of the importance of diversity in its approach to human capital.

The report focuses on calendar years 2008 and 2009, and comments the trends of the past five years. It provides insights into the progress made, and highlights some of the challenges the Bank faces in the attainment of a more diverse workforce. This includes the disclosure of quantitative and qualitative results with regards to gender and nationality, in the overall staff balance as well as for recruitment, advancement and work-life balance.

Going forward, the report addresses the core challenges the Bank is facing and sets out detailed action plans. These include:

  • Gender and nationality balance : with recruitment targets for women;
  • Recruitment and promotion: targeted outreach, more systematic consideration of diversity and improved operational resourcing to facilitate change;
  • Transparency and communication: empowerment of managers to be assisted by improved access to data, review of internal and external communications about diversity;
  • Promotion of work/life balance,  with a more consistent implementation of existing policies;
  • Accountability of individual managers and directors;
  • Targeted recruitment and branding activities, taking into account specific challenges related to the Bank's location; 
  • Use of talent management as systematic and integrated approach to support diversity, ensuring that the Bank hires, develops and gives job access to a diverse set of qualified staff, at all organisational levels.

The Diversity Progress Report will be updated and published on a yearly basis.