Following the Polish elections, Ms Teresa Lubinska has been appointed Minister of Finance. She thus succeeds Mr Miroslaw Gronicki as Governor of the Bank.

Before becoming Minister of Finance Ms Teresa Lubinska, served as a member of the Macroeconomic Board under Minister of Finance Miroslaw Gronicki.

Ms Lubinska, 53 years old, is a graduate of Szczecin Technical University and Professor at Szczenin University, Faculty of Economic Science and Management. She is currently Head of the Faculty of Finance. From 1996 to 2002 she was a Dean of the Faculty of Economic Science and Management at Szczecin University.

In 2002 she competed in the elections for President (Mayor) of Szczecin. Currently she is a Counsillor of the City of Szczecin and Chairman of Independent councillors'club Od Nowa.

She is the author of over 150 academic articles on the subject of public policy and information science.