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StandSpeakRiseUp campaign

The EIB supports and participates to “Stand, Speak and Rise up!”, the international conference on sexual violence in fragile environments taking place on 26 and 27 March 2019 at the European Conference Center in Luxembourg, at the initiative of the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and her Foundation.

The conference aims to expand the scale and impact of existing efforts to support survivors of sexual violence, placing them at the heart of the intervention process and to unite fragmented initiatives and scale them for global impact.

The EIB invests in many fragile environments – countries with ongoing violence (like Ukraine or Mali), recovering from a conflict (Sierra Leone or Colombia), welcoming refugees (like Jordan) or at risk of instability (Burundi or Nicaragua).

EIB Vice President Alexander Stubb: At the EIB, we believe that investing in fragile environments is an enabler for recovery. We have engaged in a way that protects and upholds human rights, contributes to peacebuilding, and safeguards women, girls and other survivors of sexual violence against the heightened risks they face in such contexts.”

This is one of the reasons why, in April 2018, we signed, with nine other international financial institutions, a joint statement reaffirming our commitment to preventing sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation, both within our institution and in our operations.

Our participation in this high-level conference is a new way to demonstrate this commitment. On Day-2, March27 at 9:30, watch EIB Vice-President Alexander Stubb at a fireside chat hosted by HRH the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, together with Atifete Jahjaga (former President of Kosovo) and Clare Hutchinson (NATO Special Envoy) - https://www.standspeakriseup.lu/videos