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President Werner Hoyer opened the second day of the European Financial Congress held in Sopot, Poland with a speech on the EIB and European initiatives in financing infrastructure. He underlined that investment in key infrastructure assets, in research and in people, is the key to providing long-term growth, needed so much nowadays in Europe.

He focused on three core infrastructure networks, Trans European Networks in transport (TEN-T), energy and broadband which, according to a European Commission estimate, might need up to EUR 2 trillion from now until 2020. The President also underlined that the infrastructure investments constitute a major part of the EIB involvement in Poland. Last year, for example, the EIB financed strategic TEN-T projects worth some EUR 2 billion.

The European Financial Congress, held every year in Sopot, Poland, consists of pragmatic debates and speeches from experts in the fields of business, politics and academia. These are held at specialist conferences, congresses, sector-related seminars and thematic steering committees and meetings, organised by the Gdansk Institute for Market Economics and the Gdansk School of Banking.

The whole project produces recommendations, and carries out analyses and studies into how these recommendations can be implemented practically.

The main areas of interest are the security and stability of EU financial markets, challenges facing capital market development, finance for major infrastructural projects, and the value-based management of strategic enterprises.

For further information on the schedule, further speakers and previous events, please visit the European Financial Congress website.