EIB Vice President Jonathan Taylor tells New York Climate Conference diplomacy must now give way to action if Paris goals are to be achieved.

Speaking at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit, in New York, Jonathan Taylor the Vice-President in charge of Climate Action at the EIB said,  “Many more investors need to factor climate risks more explicitly into their investment decisions. This conference is where environmental finance is really happening. We must all start to write our bottom line with green ink.

For anyone who cares about that bottom line, climate action must become like the climate — which is, by definition, everywhere. At the European Investment Bank, wherever you look, you find climate action. The Bank commits at least 25% of total lending to climate-action. In developing countries, at least 35% of our lending will be for climate action by 2020. To continue meeting our ambitious targets, we invest in small projects and we build massive frameworks for climate-action investment.”

Read the full text of the speech delivered at the conference here.