The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Tunisian National Anti-Corruption Authority (INLUCC) signed a cooperation agreement aiming at joining efforts in their common objective of preventing and combating corruption and associated offences. The agreement, signed on the 20th of June at EIB’s headquarters in Luxembourg by INLUCC President Chawki Tabib and EIB Inspector General Jan Willem van der Kaaij, lays the basis for a long-term cooperation between INLUCC and the Bank.

EIB Inspector General Jan Willem van der Kaaij underlined that “Fostering international cooperation is beyond any doubt one of the key factors to efficiently combat corruption”. In this spirit, this agreement gives both institutions access to even more effective means to pursue their own objectives by facilitating the mutual exchange of information and the implementation of joint actions, including technical and operating assistance, to prevent and deter irregularities in relation with EIB financed activities in Tunisia.

The visit of INLUCC at EIB also gave the opportunity to further present and exchange on both institutions’ missions and activities with a view to identifying collaborative ways to implement both institutions’ complementary goals in Tunisia.