Nap Kenbe (creole for Staying well), a new modular surgical hospital built and operated by Medecins sans frontieres (MSF), is now operational in the municipality of Tabarre in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. The EIB contributed €600,000 in grant financing to the project following the earthquake which struck Haiti on 12th January, 2010. The grant was complemented by a donation to MSF from the staff of the EIB group of EUR 51,357.

The grant was for the acquisition of surgery equipment: an anesthesia ventilator and an operating table. The donation has been used to finance more than half of the hospital beds (64 out of 107).

The hospital, built in prefabricated containers, provides access to health services free of charge to the population of Port au Prince, i.e. around 3,500,000 people and should perform some 130 surgeries per month.

The MSF's Press Release is available in EN and FR.

A short video on this project is available here.