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Visuel Nouveau Bâtiment BEI 1– vue du Bd K. Adenauer

The EIB has launched calls for tenders to appoint an execution design team and a construction project manager for its new building project located on the Kirchberg campus next to the buildings it currently occupies. The calls for tenders were published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 18 October within the framework of the European Union public procurement procedure.

The excavation of the site has been completed ahead of time. Further preparatory work will be conducted before the start of the main work.

The new EIB building will consist of a five-storey podium and a 16-storey tower. It has a sober and cost-effective design while meeting high environmental standards to ensure its sustainability.

Questions related to the public procurement procedure should be addressed to the Procurement Department, Lionel Zenner, l.zenner@eib.org, tel. +352 4379 89729, general information and press requests to the Communications Department, Sabine Parisse, s.parisse@eib.org, tel. +352 4379 83340.