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Mentoring and financial support granted to support evidence based reporting on migration.

The third edition of the Migration Media Award has selected 32 journalists from 12 countries to receive financial and mentoring support to produce stories  contributing to balance the narrative on migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

An international jury, composed of 15 reputable journalists, academics and migration experts, selected the beneficiaries for their journalistic excellence among 89 eligible applications out of 141 entries consisting of previously published pieces and proposals for future productions which this award scheme will reward with financial and mentoring, starting today in Malta.

The four partners of the Migration Media Award convened top experts and mentors to brief the 32 participants on covering migration and asylum phenomena from July 2 until 4th, 2019. The workshop is being hosted in its headquarters by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO),  with financial support from the DG NEAR funded programmes EUROMED Migration IV, implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development  and the OPEN Media Hub implemented by the Thomson Foundation, with support from the Malta’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion.

The selected 16 women and 16 men will then produce a second production by October 15, 2019 to compete in the six categories of video, print, online, photo, multimedia or radio in the English, French or Arabic languages. A new jury session will select the potential awardees who will receive their Migration Media Awards in December 2019.

The full description of the Migration Media Award can be found at http://www.migration-media-award.eu/index.php/en/ where all selected entries are available.