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Vice-President of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Dario Scannapieco* will make an official visit to Jordan from 13 to 14 March 2017 to meet with the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation and several other ministers and senior officials.

During his visit to Jordan, the EIB Vice-President will attend a business breakfast organised in coordination with the EDAMA business association to discuss EIB support for economic resilience in Jordan through private sector investments. Several members of the Government and the EU ambassador to Jordan, Andrea Fontana, will participate in the business breakfast, as well as representatives of the Jordanian business community.

The EIB Economic Resilience Initiative forms part of the joint EU response to the challenges posed by forced displacement and migration and will be implemented in close cooperation with EU Member States and other partners. The initiative involves support for both the public and private sectors in Jordan and other affected countries.

Ahead of his visit, Vice-President Scannapieco said: "The Economic Resilience Initiative is an important step up in the Bank’s commitment to Jordan at a critical point in its political and economic development”.

* Dario Scannapieco has been Vice-President and member of the Management Committee of the EIB since 2007.

Contact: Khaled Elnimr, +352 4379 70482, k.elnimr@eib.org