Earlier today the European Investment Bank and the Government of Samoa formally agreed to support the rehabilitation and upgrade of independent water schemes in the Pacific island state under a EUR 250,000 technical assistance programme. The agreement was signed earlier today in Apia, Samoa. The project will ensure community participation and improve drinking water quality and climate resilience across 35 projects that supply water to 20% of the island’s 190,000 inhabitants.

Support will be provided under the European Investment Bank’s dedicated Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Water Project Preparation Facility that is co-financed with the EU. The project will provide technical assistance for the communities involved in 10 selected independent water schemes to improve delivery of safe and reliable drinking water and ensure sustainable maintenance of the gravity-fed schemes. Technical expertise will also be used to design a future investment project that will be developed to be co-financed by the Government and interested donors.

“The European Investment Bank is committed to achieve Millennium Development Goals for increased access to safe and reliable water supplies in small island states across the Pacific. Sustainable and climate resistant water schemes are crucial for health and economic development in regions already facing the challenge of a changing climate.” said Plutarchos Sakellaris, European Investment Bank Vice President responsible for the Pacific.

The European Investment Bank’s EUR 3 million Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Water Project Preparation Facility supports the development of well-designed projects capable of contributing to water and sanitation Millennium Development Goals in close cooperation with local governments, stakeholders, European Commission and bi- and multilateral donors.

Notes for editors:

The European Investment Bank provides long-term loan financing to both public and private clients in the water sector within and outside the European Union. In the ACP region, the EIB co-finances water and sanitation projects with the ACP-EU Water Facility and other donors. These projects have been designed to promote donor coordination, support partnerships with non-governmental organisations and the local private sector in the delivery of services. and strengthen the operational capacity of utilities.

The ACP-EU Water Facility was launched by the EC in 2004 to contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development through the achievement of the MDG targets on water and sanitation in the ACP region. A total of EUR 500 million was made available as grants to water and sanitation projects. A second envelope of EUR 200 million has been announced earlier this year.