It presents in Berlin a study on tourism in ten Mediterranean countries*

considered for the first time as a regional whole

FEMIP is the EIB’s dedicated Euro-Mediterranean arm

FEMIP chose Germany and world tourism week in Berlin (Internationales Tourismus Börse) to release its study “Analysis of Tourism Strategies and Policies in the FEMIP Countries and Proposals for Tourism Development in the Region”. This was presented during a conference bringing together high-level policymakers, tourism professionals and private investors from both sides of the Mediterranean to discuss the topic “Promoting sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean: how to address the economic and environmental challenges.”

In the words of Philippe de Fontaine Vive, EIB Vice-President with responsibility for FEMIP: “Tourism presents Europe and the Mediterranean with a great opportunity. While it knows how to make the most of its excellent climate and is developing new forms of environmentally responsible tourism (especially health tourism), the Mediterranean, the birthplace of civilisations and the monotheistic religions, still possesses largely untapped cultural potential.’’

First study of the tourist industry in the Mediterranean to consider the region as a whole

For the first time, this FEMIP study will examine tourism in the Mediterranean region as a whole. It also represents the first complete analysis of the entire tourist industry, looking at 60 indicators from national policies, tourist infrastructure and dedicated training to the number of tourists and their spending along with financing and environmental issues.

It traces the growth of tourism in the region since 2001 and makes projections up to 2010, identifies the problem areas in the different countries and proposes ways to make up for one area’s weaknesses with another’s strengths. Lastly, it presents case studies on the five most advanced countries in the tourism sector: Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco.

Nearly nine months of research by two FEMIP tourism specialists and two consultants, mostly on the ground, went into the report.

FEMIP deepens its know-how in the Mediterranean region

FEMIP’s mission is to promote the development of nine Mediterranean countries* by means of loans and equity participations. Its two priorities are support for the private sector as the engine of sustainable growth and the creation of an investment-friendly environment through the provision of efficient infrastructure and appropriate banking systems. FEMIP has established itself as the Mediterranean countries’ leading development partner, having invested over EUR 7.4 billion since 2002, including EUR 1.4 billion in 2007.

It is deepening its know-how on the ground by means of studies that are financed by certain EU Member States through a Trust Fund and posted on its website. Previous studies have looked at migrant remittances from Europe to the Mediterranean countries and private saving in Morocco.

*The nine FEMIP countries (Algeria, Egypt, Gaza/West Bank, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia) plus Turkey.