Each year the European Investment Bank brings together at its annual Forum stakeholders from business, politics, banking sector, administration and research to address issues of European concern. These events enable participants and constituents to discuss key issues and trends by sharing first-hand information and insights.

Informal sessions will allow participants to exchange information and generate ideas, opinions and initiatives about Europe's long-term energy and water policies.

The EIB Forum 2003 on "Visions of Environmental sustainability: Europe's Long-Term Energy and Water Policies" will provide an opportune moment to assess achievements, visions and viability of sustainable development. The meeting will bring together European and foreign business leaders, key members of European Governments and the banking sector, and will be honoured by the participation of Bertie Ahern, Prime Minister of Ireland and Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands.


The programme is structured in four panels to provide a maximum amount of information exchange and interaction between participants. Each panel will be followed by question answer sessions. Social events before and after the meetings offer further opportunities for networking.

Key themes and programme highlights:

  • Environmental sustainability in the energy sector
  • Alternative energy futures for Europe and their financial viability
  • Environmental sustainability in the water sector
  • Innovative Financing instruments