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What is the Green Eligibility Checker?

Launched on 12 November at COP26, the Green Eligibility Checker offers a simple and effective way for financial intermediary staff to assess the eligibility of their client’s small scale, standardised investment projects for EIB green financing.

Developed by the EIB, with funding support from the European Commission via the European Investment Advisory Hub, the Green Eligibility Checker supports financial intermediaries in originating, appraising, and reporting on green investments financed through the EIB’s intermediated debt products.

How does it work?

With a limited amount of input requirements, the Green Eligibility Checker is designed to be “easy-to-use” and intuitive. Users select the location of the project, the investment measure(s) for assessment, provide basic project information and then let the tool do the work.

At the end of the assessment, a dedicated PDF report “Green Eligibility Results” is generated, containing the green eligibility assessment and estimated climate impacts (e.g. CO2 or energy savings). This data can then be used for intermediary internal purposes, client engagement or even reporting, either internally or to EIB for allocation purposes.

Main benefits for EIB financial intermediaries

  1. By indicating which investments meet the EIB green criteria, the Green Eligibility Checker contributes to building financial intermediary staff confidence and ability to inform their clients.
  2. By using the Green Eligibility Checker to appraise the financing of sub-projects, users benefit from EIB green eligibility validation as well as from the streamlined, guided processes embedded in the tool.
  3. The Green Eligibility Checker also provides climate impact estimates and facilitates reporting to EIB thanks to the ‘Green Checker Results’ PDF report.

By making the Green Eligibility Checker freely available, and without the need for registration, the tool also seeks to inspire the wider community of financial institutions and other market participants. The Green Eligibility Checker should thereby contribute to redirecting investment flows to more carbon neutral projects. In addition, the Green Eligibility Checker will continue to evolve in line with EU Taxonomy developments and thus help mainstream the Taxonomy principles in the banking and leasing markets.

Watch this video to find out more on how to use the Green Eligibility Checker.

Start your assessment today, check out the Green Eligibility Checker at: greenchecker.eib.org