• Nearly €11 billion in support outside the European Union including €4 billion for least-developed countries
  • €1.2 billion for global health and vaccines
  • €1.7 billion to Ukraine for damaged schools, hospitals, trains, trams, roads, and bridges

Despite the challenges of supporting Ukraine and investing in an economic recovery after the pandemic, EIB Global, the development arm of the European Investment Bank, financed €10.8 billion in 2022, 50% more than the previous year’s figures, in its first year of existence.

In 2022, the EIB Group continued to support global healthcare, affordable energy, access to water, renewable power sources and sustainable growth everywhere. Its investment also illustrated the EU bank’s swift response to the invasion of Ukraine, with €1.7 billion already disbursed to help the embattled country.

“The challenging geopolitical situation and conflicts happening around the world should not make us lose sight of our objective to promote a global, just transition to net zero,” said Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank. “If we want to stand a chance to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we need to forge sustainable partnerships and alliances at all levels. In its first year of existence EIB Global proved that we are making an active contribution to a more equitable world under the banner of the European Union, in particular through our support to Global Gateway projects.”

Published this week, EIB Global Report: The Story gives more details about the projects that make a difference around the world, with sections on Ukraine, sustainability, climate, and energy.

A companion volume, EIB Global Report: The Impact explains how our economists analyse the differences these projects make – 11.7 million people benefiting from safe drinking water, 836 million people vaccinated against COVID-19 and other diseases, 141 million more trips on public transport. This report presents our rigorous analysis of the results of our investments and assesses the financial benefits, catalytic effect and technical support we bring to each project.

Read EIB Global Reports: The Impact and The Story

Background information

About the European Investment Bank and EIB Global

The EIB Group supports projects in four priority areas — infrastructure, innovation, climate and environment, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

EIB Global is the EIB Group’s specialised arm dedicated to operations outside the EU and a key partner of the EU’s Global Gateway strategy. We aim to support at least €100 billion of investment by the end of 2027, around one third of the overall target of Global Gateway. Within Team Europe, EIB Global fosters strong, focused partnerships alongside fellow development finance institutions, and civil society. EIB Global brings the Group closer to local communities, companies and institutions through our offices across the world.