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    EIB Investment Survey 2021 – EU overview

    The COVID-19 crisis shut down businesses for months and severely reduced economic activity. Discover how the European Union and its member governments have helped to keep many businesses afloat and limit the rise in unemployment.

    First section

    Who we are

    The EIB is the bank of the European Union

    We invest in a sustainable future for all

    EIB President
    Dr. Werner Hoyer

    In focus

    Our research

    We bring together our own research and unique data sources with top-level research all over Europe, providing an entry point for researchers and a platform for dialogue.

    In the spotlight

    The EU’s climate bank

    The European Investment Bank is one of the world’s main financers of climate action. The decade 2021-2030 is critical to address our planet's climate and environment emergency. To achieve this, trillions of investment are required. The European Union and the EIB Group play a leading role in implementing the Paris Agreement. We place sustainability at the heart of our activities.

    The EIB and development

    For more than 50 years, the EIB has been the European Union’s international development bank. Our investments across the world help create stability, sustainable growth and fight climate change everywhere.

    In 2020 we invested around €10 billion for development projects across the world. Our lending to Africa increased 50% to €5 billion. We help the continent strengthen its economy, support local businesses, fight climate change, foster innovation and build sustainable infrastructure.