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    We need to change how we live, learn, work, and produce because of the climate crisis, aging and growing populations, and dwindling resources. Innovation and technology are important for this change to take place.

    To boost technological innovation, it is also important to help the digital economy. Artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and advanced manufacturing are all examples of new technologies that will have a big effect on jobs and the economy.

    Today, it is essential for societies to invest in their people. Education and skills are critical for creating technological breakthroughs that solve actual issues. Human capital, or the knowledge, skills, and health that individuals acquire throughout their lifetimes, is a key driver of long-term prosperity and poverty eradication.

    Our impact in 2022

    Since 2000, the EIB has supported innovation and skills with more than €220 billion of investment. In 2022 alone, the EIB provided €17.93 billion boost innovation, digital and human capital


    6.6 million

    new subscribers with 5G services enabled


    150.4 million

    people benefiting from improved health services, including COVID-19 vaccines


    192 000

    students in educational facilities benefiting from EIB finance

    Areas we focus on

    Fundamental Research

    Clean Energy

    Future industry

    In the spotlight

    We support projects that promote innovation all over the world. Discover more.