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    oct 2003
    Syndicate of Journalists Meeting Hall 4rd floor, 33 Abdel khalek Tharwat Street, Cairo - 17h30

    The Egyptian Authorities and the European Investment Bank (EIB), are celebrating the official opening of EIB's new regional office in Cairo on 1st and 2d October 2003. The office created in the framework of EIB's Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP) is the first EIB office outside the European Union, and will serve not only Egypt but the whole Middle East region.

    During his visit in Egypt EIB President, Philippe MAYSTADT, and EIB Vice-President Philippe de Fontaine Vive, will meet President Hosny Mubarak and Prime Minister, Dr. Atef Ebeid.

    On this occasion, Mr Gamal Fahmy, President of the Committee of Arabic & Foreign Relationships in the Egyptian Press Syndicate, Mr Philippe MAYSTADT, EIB President, and Mr Philippe de Fontaine Vive, EIB Vice-President will hold a common press event.