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  • Global movement to put disability on the business leadership agenda
  • EIB becomes the first Multilateral Development Bank to join The Valuable 500
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The President of the European Investment Bank (EIB), Werner Hoyer, signed The Valuable 500 Commitment, making the EIB the first Multilateral Development Bank member of the world’s biggest community for disability business inclusion.

Through its joined-up approach to diversity and inclusion matters both in-house and in its operations, the EIB commits to put disability inclusion on its institutional agenda.

To that end, the EIB will reinforce its ongoing activities for disability inclusion and set-up new initiatives aimed at ensuring continuous and open dialogue between employees living with disabilities and the institution, notably through a newly established network of EIB managers who are motivated to work together on disability inclusion.

EIB President Werner Hoyer, said: “Over 1.3 billion people around the world live with some form of disability. Yet only 4% of organisations focus on making their business inclusive of disability. I am delighted and proud that the EIB has joined The Valuable 500. Together with other 499 national and multinational organisations around the world, we have the power to positively impact society by putting disability at the heart of our inclusion agenda. Driving positive social change is in the DNA of the EIB, also through disability inclusion, both in-house and externally, in the way we select, guide and manage our operations”. 

Thomas ÖSTROS, EIB Vice-President having diversity and inclusion in his oversight, added: “A diverse and inclusive workplace is the key to having higher performing colleagues, more innovative solutions and greater motivation and engagement. As the bank of the European Union, we are committed to the EU’s objectives and values, and aspire to live up to one of its founding principles: ‘United in diversity’, notably through our holistic approach to Diversity and Inclusion. The Valuable 500 is a great opportunity for us to exchange with and learn from our peers to make sure that the EIB is fully inclusive as an employer and financial partner.”

Caroline Casey, Founder of The Valuable 500, said: “I am delighted that the European Investment Bank has joined The Valuable 500 as our newest member, and welcome their commitment to putting disability inclusion firmly on their board agenda. The EIB has incredible influence and reach, and their public commitment to making the workplace more inclusive for people with disabilities is an important step towards creating better workplaces for all. We greatly look forward to working together as we enter phase two of The Valuable 500 campaign, activating our network of 500 major companies to advance disability inclusion for everyone worldwide.”

Guided by The Valuable 500, the bank will continue to adapt its recruitment processes, IT and facility management, among other practices, in order to achieve disability inclusion. The EIB will also intensify its awareness-raising efforts to increase understanding and individual engagement on disability inclusion from its staff.

Finally, the bank also committed to strengthen its approach to disability inclusion in its investment operations.

Background information

About The Valuable 500

Valuable was launched by social entrepreneur and activist Caroline Casey at One Young World 2017 in Bogota, Colombia and the inception of The Valuable 500 was announced at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in January 2019. Today The Valuable 500 is the largest community of Global CEOs committed to disability inclusion in business.

Since its creation, The Valuable 500 has achieved its initial goal of persuading 500 multinational organisations to make a public commitment to disability inclusion in their organisation, igniting a historic global movement for a new age of diversity in business.

By engaging with the world’s most influential business leaders and brands, the network now has a combined revenue of over $8 trillion and employs a staggering 20 million people worldwide. Its members include 13 global CEOs and companies who will be spearheading the programmes and services to be offered under Phase 2 of the campaign, which will be activated through global disability surveys, disability trend reports and an executive disability resource hub.

After reaching this important milestone, The Valuable 500 is determined to create a community that supports and empowers its 500 members to systematically transform their businesses so they include the 1.3 billion people living with disabilities worldwide, thereby unlocking their business, social and economic potential.

About the European Investment Bank

The EIB champions diversity and inclusion not only because of the undeniable business benefits they bring, but also because of their power to enrich the working environment for all staff.

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