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    The European Investment Bank – the EU Bank - has made over EUR 4bn commitments in almost 100 funds since starting its investment activity in infrastructure and environmental funds in 2005. Our portfolio funds raised about EUR 40bn of total commitments and invested in more than 800 projects, over 70% of which have an important climate action component. We are delighted to invite you to participate in the EIB 1st Infrastructure & Climate Fund Summit in the Bank’s premises in Luxembourg on Tuesday 17 September 2019.

    The 1st Infrastructure & Climate Fund Summit aims to be an open forum to present and discuss the current state and main trends of the infrastructure and climate investments, key challenges and opportunities that fund managers are presently facing. Panellists will also discuss how Development Finance Institutions (DFIs)/National Promotional Banks (NPBs) could best address foreseeable market needs, and value creation through ESG and impact investments, both in Europe and emerging markets. 

    Throughout the day, there will be opportunities to network with fund managers, prominent industrial players, as well as the investment team and senior management of the EIB.