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    Référence: 20200820
    Date de publication: 9 décembre 2020

    Promoteur – Intermédiaire Financier




    The project aims at supporting the Government of Ghana in its COVID-19 national response plan. This includes acquisition of medical equipment and supplies, medicines, logistics, as well as the strengthening of the medical health system.


    The project is supporting the "National Strategic Covid-19 Response Plan" of the Ghanaian Government to fight COVID-19. It includes acquisition of medical equipment and supplies, increasing existing healthcare infrastructure for COVID-19, medicines, as well as healthcare system strengthening. The COVID-19 pandemic is anticipated to trigger severe shortages in the epidemiological area, healthcare services delivery and supply of critical consumables in an already under-financed and over-stretched health sector. The project is key, first to save human lives and second, to prepare the system for a likely possible further escalation and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana.


    The project is expected to contribute towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), to which both the EU and the EIB are fully committed.


    • Santé - Santé humaine et action sociale

    Garantie au titre du MPE

    This operation is covered by the ELM Guarantee.

    Montant BEI envisagé (montant approximatif)

    EUR 82 million

    Coût total (montant approximatif)

    EUR 90 million

    Aspects environnementaux

    The Promoter will implement the project in accordance with the Bank's Environmental and Social Principles and Standards.

    Passation des marchés

    The Promoter will implement the project in accordance with the Bank's Guide to Procurement.


    Signé - 10/12/2021

    Clause de non-responsabilité

    Before financing approval by the Board of Directors, and before loan signature, projects are under appraisal and negotiation. The data provided on this page is therefore indicative and cannot be considered to represent official EIB policy (see also the Explanatory notes).

    Mots-clés correspondants

    Ghana Santé