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    Référence: 20180010
    Date de publication: 12 avril 2018

    Promoteur – Intermédiaire Financier




    The project concerns the promoter's Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) activities in the period 2018-2020.


    The project covers European RDI investments in light vehicle automotive interiors in Europe foreseen for innovation, development and industrialisation activities. The investments are mainly related to supporting the promoter's strategic activities of Industrial sustainability, Mobility of the future, Advanced manufacturing, Electronic functions and High-level integration concepts.


    Montant BEI envisagé (montant approximatif)

    EUR 140 million

    Coût total (montant approximatif)

    EUR 217 million

    Aspects environnementaux

    R&D activities are not specifically mentioned under the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive 2011/92/EU (as amended) and are expected to be carried out in existing facilities without changing the already authorised scope. Therefore, it is very unlikely that any part of the project would require an Environmental Impact Assessment. The environmental details of the project will be reviewed during the project's appraisal.

    Passation des marchés

    The promoter is a private company not operating in the utilities sector and not having a status of a contracting authority. Thus it is not covered by EU Directives on procurement.


    Signé - 12/06/2018

    Clause de non-responsabilité

    Before financing approval by the Board of Directors, and before loan signature, projects are under appraisal and negotiation. The data provided on this page is therefore indicative and cannot be considered to represent official EIB policy (see also the Explanatory notes).

    Mots-clés correspondants

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