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    • Around 9 000 residents now have access to quality drinking water thanks to the renovated water supply facility.
    • Damaged by the Russian invasion, the facility has now been renovated and equipped with an iron removal station that will ensure clean, safe drinking water for the population.
    • This renovation was made possible through the city’s participation in the Ukraine Recovery Programme, a €340 million EIB loan facility helping Ukrainian municipalities rebuild their social infrastructure.

     The newly renovated water supply facility in Bucha, Kyiv Oblast, opened today under the Ukraine Recovery Programme by the European Investment Bank (EIB). This critical upgrade helps the community overcome longstanding challenges in providing reliable, high-quality drinking water. The need for this facility became even more urgent after the town’s infrastructure was further damaged during the brief but devastating Russian occupation in the spring of 2022.

    Bucha’s renovated water facilities now feature de-ironing technology that uses oxygen to treat water before flushing it through special pressure filters. This significantly reduces environmental risks and health hazards for technical personnel, and mitigates potential negative effects on the community. The equipment also runs autonomously, eliminating the need for continuous on-site maintenance.

    The renovation, which cost approximately €100 000, is one of 17 social infrastructure projects financed by the EIB in Bucha district  under the Ukraine Recovery Programme, in partnership with the European Union; Ukraine’s Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development; its Ministry of Finance; and the Kyiv Regional State Administration. The programme also receives technical assistance from the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine, financed by the European Union.

    Acting Minister for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development Vasyl Shkurakov said, “The renovated water supply facility in Bucha is another example of what we can achieve through joint efforts with our EU partners. This project not only provides quality drinking water to thousands of residents, but it also represents a significant step towards rebuilding and strengthening our municipal infrastructure. With continued collaboration, we can ensure that communities across Ukraine have access to essential services and a better quality of life.”

     Minister of Finance of Ukraine Sergii Marchenko said, “The renovation of Bucha’s water supply facility and other improvements under the Ukraine Recovery Programme underscore the importance of strategic investments in our country’s infrastructure. By leveraging support from the European Union and its bank, the EIB, we are meeting immediate needs while laying the groundwork for sustainable development. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to rebuilding Ukraine’s economy and improving living standards for our citizens.”

     Head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Ruslan Kravchenko said, “The reconstruction of the Kyiv Oblast is guided by two principles set by the government: Build back better! Build back greener! Due to the full-scale invasion by Russia, over 29 000 facilities have been destroyed or damaged in the Kyiv Oblast. Of these, we have already restored nearly 17 500. The modernisation of infrastructure, such as water supply systems, remains a critical priority for the Kyiv Regional State Administration. The implementation of new, modern water treatment and supply technologies, such as this project in Bucha, aims precisely to provide the modern, comfortable living conditions we strive to ensure in our region.”

     Bucha City Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk said, “The new water de-ironing station in Bucha’s Tarasivskyi district represents a significant step towards improving the drinking water quality for thousands of our residents. The water de-ironing station is not merely a technical facility; it is an investment in the health of the citizens of Bucha. Clean water is the foundation of quality of life, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every family in our community has access to it.”

     EIB Vice-President Teresa Czerwińska, responsible for the Bank’s operations in Ukraine, said, “The EIB’s commitment to Ukraine is unwavering, and we are focused on helping the country recover and complete the EU accession negotiations. The EIB stands by Ukrainian communities, and is dedicated to enhancing their quality of life by rebuilding and rehabilitating social and critical infrastructure. I am proud that we can support Bucha with the opening of this new water facility, and other essential facilities to be completed soon.”

     Rémi Duflot, Chargé d’affaires, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, said, “Today’s opening of this water supply facility in Bucha is a symbol of a return to normality for this martyred community. For us, and above all for its members, it is important in more ways than one: When daily life returns to normal, they can concentrate on rebuilding and healing. The EU has been, is and will be engaged alongside Ukraine in restoring vital infrastructure destroyed by the aggressor and improving the well-being of communities through initiatives like the Ukraine Recovery Programme and other types of EU projects and support.”

    UNDP Resident Representative to Ukraine Jaco Cilliers said, “The revival of Bucha is a testament to the resilience of its people and the power of collaborative efforts. By restoring essential infrastructure like this water supply facility, we’re not just rebuilding structures, but also rebuilding hope and trust within the community. The UNDP, alongside our partners, is dedicated to ensuring that every community in Ukraine can recover and thrive, even in the face of adversity.”

    Background information

    EIB in Ukraine

    Present in Ukraine since 2007, the EIB has stepped up its financial support for the country’s resilience and modernisation since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Since then, the EIB has provided swift relief, disbursing €2 billion of financing for emergency repairs to the country’s ravaged infrastructure. Through its EU for Ukraine (EU4U) Initiative, coupled with its key role in implementing the European Union’s €50 billion Ukraine Facility, the EIB is strongly committed to stepping up and accelerating its activities in line with the mandate given by EU leaders and in close cooperation with the European Commission, the European Parliament, EU Member States and international partners.

    EIB recovery programme in Ukraine

     The renovation of the water supply facility in Bucha was carried out under the Ukraine Recovery Programme, a €340 million multi-sectoral framework loan from the EIB, signed in December 2020. By empowering local authorities to refurbish social infrastructure, the programme enhances the living conditions of internally displaced persons and their host communities. Bucha’s water supply facility project is the first one successfully completed. Currently, 157 other subprojects are at various stages of implementation.

    The Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine coordinates this and other programmes together with the Ministry of Finance, while the reconstruction projects are fully managed by local government bodies. The United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine provides technical assistance for the initiative, ensuring the effective and efficient implementation of projects.