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    On the occasion of its 50th Anniversary, the European Investment Bank (EIB), in cooperation with the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, is organising a Seminar entitled

    Financing Research, Development and Innovation – a Key to the Future

    • When: 9h00 on Friday 26 September 2008
    • Where: Hilton Kalastajatorppa, Kalastajatorpantie 1, Helsinki

    Since 2003, the EIB has provided EUR 3.7 billion for projects in Finland, 33% of which was aimed at boosting its competitive and innovative economy.

    In 2007, according to the World Economic Forum, Finland was the sixth most competitive economy in the world and, according to the European Innovation Scoreboard, ranked in the top three EU countries. These investments, however, mainly concern the electronics industry. Finland has therefore not only decided to encourage investments in a wider variety of research and development (R&D) related sectors, but also to increase the level of funding to 4% of GDP; to have an annual growth of public R&D of at least 7% and to increase support to SMEs.

    The EIB would like to underline its continued support to Finland and present the different options available for corporates, banks, public agencies and other stakeholders in the financing of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI). The specialised workshop will focus on financing RDI with EU grants under Framework Programme 7 (FP7) and the Risk Sharing Finance Facility (RSFF), an innovative debt based finance instrument set up by the European Commission (EC) and the EIB. It will provide an overview of the facility, the financial products applied, including the cooperation models with banks for the explicit inclusion of SMEs and Midcap companies as potential beneficiaries. It will also address the financing of technology transfer and venture capital financing.

    The EIB is currently organising similar seminars throughout the whole of Europe.

    Partners for the seminar