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    The European Investment Bank hosts its next workshop of the European Network for Research on Investment (ENRI) on 20 May. It will be convened online.

    We have seen the dramatic spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, in Europe, we are experiencing the gradual relaxation of lockdown measures and entering a “phase 2” in which the economy is being restarted. As economists we need to consider a number of questions:              

    • What will be the shape of the recovery?
    • What long lasting economic consequences might the crisis have?
    • How will ongoing uncertainty about disease spread, cures and vaccines affect economies?
    • How might the pandemic transform global value chains and trade?
    • Will there be radical changes in consumer preferences and behaviours?
    • What does the crisis mean for the greening and digitalisation of the European economy?

    These are the main questions addressed by the workshop.

    ENRI consists of a broad group of International Institutions, European Institutions and Member State central banks, forming a research network. The focus of the network is to bridge gaps in our knowledge on investment in Europe and to identify unexploited synergies in research efforts.

    Participation is by invitation only. For more information, please contact