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    From using wasted food to lasers that sort through tonnes of sunflower seeds, here’s how future food will be produced—and how it might taste

    This special episode of Future Europe examines how future food will change, and shows you the projects from across Europe that illustrate these changes as they’re happening now.

    Listen to this episode of Future Europe if you want to know:

    • how synthetic fertilizers can cut energy consumption
    • the weight of one sunflower seed
    • the social impact of a project to cut food waste by 50%
    • and what happens to the rest of the tomato, after the restaurant puts a single slice on your burger

    Future Europe gives you a look into your future by showing you how companies, social groups and schools are preparing for a more sustainable world. All the projects we look at on Future Europe are made possible by loans or grants from the EU, in particular from the European Investment Bank, the EU bank. So one of the things that we consider in every episode is the link between a prosperous sustainable future and the European Union.

    Now, listen to the episode and get ready to hear a range of innovators from Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Denmark, who are making future food and creating jobs, too.