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    Référence: 20200892
    Date de publication: 19 avril 2021

    Promoteur – Intermédiaire Financier




    The project consists of the construction and equipment of the new Regional Hospital in Cluj. The new hospital will replace the existing fragmented Clinical County Emergency Hospital in Cluj-Napoca, while also receiving a number of patients from other hospitals in the region.

    Additionality and Impact

    The project consists of the replacement construction and equipment of the new Regional Hospital in Cluj, which will be providing specialized health care services for the North West Region inhabitants.

    The project supports the Health policy objective. Health externalities include, but are not limited to, containment of infectious diseases and the indirect impact on economic productivity from a healthier population. The project also supports the increased quality of medical education. Strategic investments in human capital formation in the health care sector have significant economic and social externalities in the form of both wider health effects and knowledge. The new hospital will help attract and retain skilled medical professionals and increase productivity.

    The Project has benefitted from an extensive advisory and technical assistance package provided by EIB, including the European Investment Advisory Hub, JASPERS and PASSA, which had a significant impact on the operation. In order to ensure the proper project implementation, the promoter has been advised to create a Project Implementation Unit, supported by the Bank.

    The EIB's contribution will help accelerate these investments also by offering long-term financing at favourable conditions in comparison to the financial market, thus providing substantial value added. 


    The project's main objective is to improve the quality and efficiency of medical services for patients requiring acute emergency, secondary and tertiary level interventions requiring high-level technology and expertise in the country's North-West Region. In the current context of COVID-19 crisis, the project is expected to contribute to the country's preparedness and response capacity against future pandemics.


    • Santé - Santé humaine et action sociale

    Montant BEI envisagé (montant approximatif)

    EUR 305 million

    Coût total (montant approximatif)

    EUR 455 million

    Aspects environnementaux

    The project comprises the construction and equipping of medical facilities. Hospitals are not specifically mentioned in the EIA directive 2014/52/EU amending Directive 2011/92/EU, though the project is covered by Annex II of the Directive in relation to urban development. The Bank's services will verify during appraisal the screening decision of the competent authority. In line with Directive 2010/31/EU, the new and rehabilitated buildings will have to meet at least the relevant national targets on energy efficiency. The design energy performance of the hospital and any specific related targets to be met will be verified during appraisal. It is expected that the project will bring wider benefits to the community as healthcare is an element of social cohesion and economic development. The Bank will encourage the Promoter to take into account circular economy principles during the development and future operation of the project.

    Passation des marchés

    The Bank will require the Promoter to ensure that contracts for the implementation of the project have been and will be tendered in accordance with the relevant applicable EU procurement legislation: Directive 2014/24/EU, as well as Directive 89/665/EEC as interpreted by the Court of Justice of the EU, with publication of tender notices in the Official Journal of the EU, as and where required.


    Signé - 15/11/2021

    Clause de non-responsabilité

    Avant d’être approuvés par le Conseil d’administration et avant la signature des prêts correspondants, les projets font l’objet d’une instruction et de négociations. Par conséquent, les informations et données fournies sur cette page sont indicatives.
    Elles sont fournies à des fins de transparence uniquement et ne peuvent être considérées comme représentant la politique officielle de la BEI (voir également les notes explicatives).

    Mots-clés correspondants

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