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    Référence: 20080467
    Date de publication: 20 juillet 2010

    Promoteur – Intermédiaire Financier

    Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic;
    Managing Authority of the Operational Programme of Transport in the Czech Republic



    The project consists of the rehabilitation and electrification of the 23.76 km long, single track, railway line Letohrad - Lichkov - State border (Poland) on the TEN-T line Usti n.Orl. - Wroclaw (Poland) in the north-eastern part of Pardubický kraj Region. The project includes also the modernisation of telecommunication and signalling equipment.


    The line is located on the TEN-T network and its electrification and modernisation contributes to the objectives set out by Decision No 1692/96/EC on Community guidelines for the development of the trans-European transport network, and also to the increase of the permitted axle loads, the line speed up to 75-90 km/h and the elimination of local speed restrictions.


    Montant BEI envisagé (montant approximatif)

    Up to CZK 515 million.

    Coût total (montant approximatif)

    CZK 1 726 million.

    Aspects environnementaux

    The project crosses 2 NATURA 2000 sites. It therefore falls in Annex II of Directive 97/11/EC as amended by Directive 2003/35/EC and an EIA has been carried out by the promoter. All procedural rules, transposed into Law of the Czech Republic (Act 100/2001 Coll.), have been respected.

    Passation des marchés

    EU procurement directives (2004/17/EC, 2004/18/EC) as transposed into the Czech legislation by the Act No. 137/2006 Coll have been followed.


    À l'examen - 20/07/2010

    Mots-clés correspondants

    République tchèque Transports