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    1. Curriculum Vitae

    Personal information:

    • German, born in November 1951
    • Married, two children     


    • Since 1 January 2012: President of the European Investment Bank and Chairman of its Board of Directors
    • 2009-2011: Minister of State (Deputy Foreign Minister) at the German Foreign Office, responsible for Political and Security Affairs, European Affairs, United Nations and Arms Control; Commissioner for Franco-German Cooperation
    • 2002-2009: Deputy Chairman and Foreign Affairs Spokesman of the FDP (Free Democratic Party) parliamentary group
    • 2000-2005: President of the European Liberal Democratic Reform Party (ELDR), Brussels
    • 1994-1998: Minister of State (Deputy Foreign Minister) at the Foreign Office
    • 1993-1994: Secretary General of the FDP
    • 1990-1994 (and from 1999-2009): Deputy Chairman of the German-American Parliamentary Friendship Group
    • 1990-1994: Security Policy Spokesman of the FDP Parliamentary Group
    • 1989-1993: Whip of the FDP Parliamentary Group
    • 1987-2011: Member of the German Bundestag
    • 1985-1987: Director of the Economics and Information Department of the Carl Duisberg Society, Cologne
    • 1978-1993: Associate lecturer in international economic relations at Cologne University
    • 1974-1984: Senior research assistant in economics at Cologne University


    • 1978: PhD in economics (Cologne University; research at UCLA)
    • 1970-1974: Diploma in economics (Cologne University)

    Last updated: 06 January 2012 (this CV is based on information provided to the EIB by the person concerned)

    2. Areas of oversight & Declaration of Interest

    President Hoyer oversees the following areas:

    • General Secretariat
    • Personnel
    • Internal Audit
    • Planning, budget and cost (supported by Vice-Presidents Fayolle and Kettel Thomsen)
    • Compliance and control functions
    • Risk management
    • World Economic Forum (Davos)
    • Relations with the European Union (EU) institutions
    • Long-Term Investors Club (LTIC)
    • Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM)
    • European Parliament

    Other functions

    • President of the LTIC
    • Chair of the EIF’s Board of Directors