Completed projects

Completed projects

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Below the list of completed ELENA projects, including project description, lessons learnt and whom to contact.

ELENA - Closed Project Factsheets as of 26/03/2020 (Information available at completed date)

DAFNI - Development of Smart-Grid Instrastructure in Autonomous Islands on the Aegean Sea Greece 31/08/2014
Green-Net, Municipality of Sittard-Geleen The Netherlands 30/06/2015
Aarhus Light Rail Denmark 16/07/2016
Birmingham Energy Savers Pathway, Birmingham City Council United Kingdom 30/06/2015
CEDEPI - Central Denmark Energy Planning and Investment, Central Denmark Region Denmark 14/06/2017
Chieti Towards 2020, Province of Chieti Italy 31/12/2015
CPE-Ecoles - Contrats de performance énegétique des écoles de la ville de Paris France 30/06/2015
Decentralised Energy London United Kingdom 31/07/2015
Electrobus - Energy Efficient Bus Network for Barcelona, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona Spain 30/06/2015
ELENA-MODENA, AESS - Agenzia per l'Energia e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile di Modena Italy 30/06/2015
Energy efficiency Milan Covenant of Mayors, Province of Milan Italy 31/12/2014
District Heating 2.0 Stadsverwarming Purmerend The Netherlands


REDIBA - Renewable and Energy Efficiency in Diputació de Barcelona, Barcelona Provincial Council Spain 30/06/2014
REEEZ - Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency in Zealand, Region Zealand Denmark 28/02/2015
SPIS - Tramways in Skane, Municipality of Malmö Sweden 31/03/2016
ZEB - The Zero Emission Buses in Netherlands The Netherlands 27/11/2016
MADEV - Madrid Electrical Vehicles, Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid Spain 29/11/2013
EPSD - Energy Programme Southern Denmark, The Region of Southern Denmark Denmark 16/02/2017
RE:FIT, Greater London Authority United Kingdom 30/06/2015
Energetska Obnova Ljubljana, City of Liubliana Slovenia 31/12/2016
Bristol Retrofitting - Innovative Technologies for Everyone, Bristol City Council United Kingdom 31/05/2016
Common Energy Investment Programme in the Capital Region of Denmark (CEICAD) Denmark 30/11/2016
Vers une Aide à la Maîtrise de l’Ouvrage Sociale (VAMOS) Belgium 28/02/2017
Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal 30/01/2015
INFO - Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia Spain


London RE:NEW United Kingdom


Picardie Pass Rénovation France 17/12/2018
ECO.AP - Programma de Efficiencia Energetica na Administracao Publica Portugal 21/09/2018
“PROSPER”: Province of Savona pact for energy efficiency and renewables Italy 04/04/2019
Newlight Croatia 21/12/2018
Initiative for Energy Performance and Energy Supply Contracting in public buildings (InEECo) Germany 06/05/2019

Sustainable Energy in Prešov Region (SEPR)

Slovakia 23/08/2019

Global Roadmap for Energy Efficiency and New Energy Resources in Extremadura (GREENER-EX)

Spain 23/08/2019

Funding Action in Bergamo for Emission Reduction (FABER)

Italy 28/11/2019

Less energy, Less cost, Less impact (Progetto 3L)

Italy 09/08/2019

Castilla y Léon Energy Efficiency project (SOMACYL)

Spain 24/07/2019
Aarhus Municipality Denmark 02/12/2019
Municipal Efficiency – Light (ME – L) Italy 24/07/2015
RE:FIT Wales United Kingdom 14/11/2019