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    • 101 East – India’s Women Combat Fighters by Rudraneil Sengupta and Sreya Banerjee, broadcast by Al Jazeera, has won the Women’s Solutions Reporting Award.
    • The short film tells a compelling story about India’s female wrestlers battling for their rights and recognition.
    • The 2024 Women’s Solutions Reporting Award attracted entries of outstanding quality.

    Over 60 judges from 18 countries have made their selections across 15 categories of the One World Media Awards, including the Women’s Solutions Reporting Award, supported by the European Investment Bank (EIB). The judges, who number among the industry’s most distinguished journalists, filmmakers and media professionals, viewed more than 500 entries.

    The EIB supported the Women’s Solutions Reporting Award to celebrate stories of girls and women who have overcome hurdles faced by women and society as a whole – whether to access education, jobs or healthcare, or to address the impact of climate change and protect the environment.

    We are thrilled to congratulate Rudraneil Sengupta and Sreya Banerjee for winning the Women’s Solutions Reporting Award with 101 East – India’s Women Combat Fighters, broadcast by Al Jazeera. Their engaging community story features women wrestling in India, a traditionally male-dominated sport. By rising to the top of their sport, these women have inspired a new generation of girls, and are helping more broadly to change and challenge attitudes toward women’s roles in society. The story also shows how these women are taking the fight beyond the wrestling ring, sparking the first #MeToo movement in Indian sport. 

    Vivienne Francis, Director of One World Media, said, “What stands out in the winning film is the bravery and resilience of all the women involved. The female fighters dare to defy societal expectations and break boundaries. Their willingness to also speak out against wrongdoing and injustice, regardless of the potential repercussions, demonstrates their tremendous courage.”

    EIB Group President Nadia Calvino said, “The EIB Group is committed to actively promoting opportunities for women and girls, and protecting their rights and well-being in all our projects and operations. As the financial arm of the European Union, we are supporting women entrepreneurs and boosting women-led businesses through various initiatives and partnerships, because everyone benefits when women are given the opportunity to better their lives. As important as finance are changing attitudes, challenging prejudice and protecting women’s rights. We are proud to support filmmaking and reporting that tell stories to pursue these aims, like the ones competing for the Women’s Solutions Reporting Award.”

    Yasmine Pagni, Head of the EIB Social Policy Unit and a judge for the Women’s Solutions Reporting Award, said, “Amazing stories competed for the Women’s Solutions Reporting Award, defying stereotypes about women in the Global South. They exemplify women’s work in reshaping societal roles and advocating for their rights. While the journey towards global gender equality continues, these stories serve as powerful sources of inspiration.”

    Rudraneil Sengupta and Sreya Banerjee’s story was shortlisted with two other nominees: Breaking taboos: Papuan women embrace collective care to end period poverty by Narriswari, and Rise of the ‘mother boss’: how female miners are taking control in DRC by Mélanie Gouby.

    Check out the other great stories on the Longlist 2024 – One World Media.

    The judges for the Women’s Solutions Reporting Award were very impressed by the overall quality of the submissions. They appreciated the variety of storytelling styles that appealed to different audiences and the wide range of perspectives and inclusivity showcased, in particular from local journalists.

    Read EIB judge Yasmine Pagni’s blog.

    Get the EIB’s latest news on our One World Media Awards and Gender page.

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