• EUR 595 million support to strengthen COVID-19 response, disaster prevention and management
  • New equipment, local coordination and risk assessment in all 13 Greek regions
  • Largest ever EIB backing for civil protection and resilience to natural disasters

Civil protection across Greece to better tackle COVID-19 and reduce loss of life through natural disasters will be transformed under a new EUR 595 million European Investment Bank loan formally agreed earlier today. Long-term financing and shared technical best-practice will help to transform disaster prevention and response to pandemics and natural disasters including floods, forest fires and earthquakes in all 13 Greek regions.

The expected impact and broad scope of the first ever EIB support to the General Secretariat for Civil Protection was highlighted by Christos Staikouras, Finance Minister of the Hellenic Republic and Governor of the European Investment Bank, Deputy Minister for Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Chardalias and Christian Kettel Thomsen, EIB Vice President responsible for Greece during a virtual announcement earlier today.

“The protection of human life from natural disasters and pandemics is a constant top priority for Greece and has become even more crucial after last year's challenges due to severe weather phenomena and COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s important new agreement with the European Investment Bank will transform civil protection across Greece and help achieve this goal. The European Investment Bank is a key partner of Greece and the new EUR 595 million loan agreed today, following the systematic, hard work done by the Greek Civil Protection and rapid EIB approval, demonstrates how the EIB is supporting visionary investment to fortify Greece against natural disasters, extreme weather and pandemics.” said Christos Staikouras, Minister of Finance of the Hellenic Republic and Governor of the European Investment Bank.

“Pandemics and natural disaster can occur at any time and investing is crucial to save lives and ensure a quicker and more effective response when disaster strikes. The first ever European Investment Bank support for the General Secretariat for Civil Protection will accelerate priority projects and procurement of essential equipment across Greece and enable the whole country to help tackle future fires, floods, earthquakes and pandemics. Fires and floods that have taken a heavy toll in recent years and the impact of COVID-19 have shown how disaster prevention, rapid response and availability of specialist equipment is essential. This new EUR 595 million long-term financing will accelerate investment to improve environmental protection, disaster management and response to public health emergencies and will allow an even better preparedness of the Civil Protection mechanism,” said Deputy Minister for Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Chardalias.

“Extreme weather, fires, earthquakes and COVID-19 have led to unexpected loss of life and show the importance of ensuring that professional and effective help can arrive quickly. Over recent months technical and financial experts from Greece and the European Investment Bank have outlined projects across Greece where disaster preparedness can be improved through unlocking new investment. The European Investment Bank is pleased to agree our largest ever support for civil protection in Europe through our first ever loan with the Ministry of Citizen Protection. Lessons learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic and best practice identified by this scheme will help to save lives in Greece and strengthen future best practice of civil protection across Europe.” said Christian Kettel Thomsen, European Investment Bank Vice President responsible for Greece.

The new initiative, representing the largest ever targeted support for civil protection in Europe backed by the European Investment Bank, will provide mobile field hospitals, firefighting and medical evacuation aircraft, helicopters, drones and rescue equipment key to reduce loss of lives following natural disasters like fires, earthquakes and floods.

The programme, to be implemented over the next 5 years, will completely restructure civil protection in Greece enabling a quicker response, strengthened local preparedness and coordination and better supply of personnel and equipment.

Strengthening civil protection across Greece

The new investment includes provision of new equipment for use by the Hellenic Fire Service in the event of natural disasters, including helicopters and aircraft to fight wildfires and evacuate medical emergencies.

Local disaster prevention, preparedness and response will be transformed by the creation of 13 regional civil protection teams and new communications networks and IT systems for use across the country.

Ensuring best practice in disaster prevention

Experts from the Greek government and the European Investment Bank will work together during implementation of the new initiative to use best-practice from across Europe and to further strengthen future disaster prevention investment across Europe.

Improving civil protection cooperation in Europe

The new investment will improve European coordination of civil protection and disaster response. New specialist equipment can be used to help other countries in times of need under the new European Union RescEU civil protection mechanism.

This enables firefighting planes and helicopters, medical evacuation planes, as well as a stockpile of medical equipment and field hospitals from EU member states to be used to respond to health emergencies.