In schools and in the workplace disability training makes for better inclusion—and lets everyone draw on the strengths of people who overcame difficulties most of us never faced

Is disability a state of mind? According to Bebe Vio , the young Italian Paralympic champion, you don’t need arms and legs to reach your goals. However, disability and diversity can come in many different forms—they can even be invisible. How can you help create an inclusive society?

In this episode of the Monster Under the Bed podcast you’ll find out:

  • What is social diversity, diversity in the workplace, and diversity benefits
  • Why inclusion should start at school
  • How culture and education can build equality
  • Where jobs and disability come together


At the European Investment Bank, the EU bank, we care about diversity and inclusion. In this episode, we meet kids, men and women, with and without disabilities. All together they challenge our assumptions and prejudices.

In each episode of the Monster Under the Bed podcast, we fight one myth in society and win the battle for a more sensible way of doing things.

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