A military re-enactment in Valletta, Malta. , Alexander Hafemann

In the future culture and entertainment will have a big social and economic impact, helping cities evolve, attracting tourists, retaining population. Meet the people improving culture across Europe.

This special episode of Future Europe examines how culture is changing, and shows you the projects from across Europe that illustrate the changes happening now.

Listen to this episode of Future Europe if you want to know:

  • how renovating and improving educational institutions, museums, entertainment centers and concert halls inspires teachers and students and makes citizens feel better about the future
  • how future culture investments revitalize city centers and regenerate old architecture
  • the recipe for chocolate chip cookies

Future Europe gives you a look into your future by showing you how companies, social groups and schools are preparing for a more sustainable world. All the projects we look at on Future Europe are made possible by loans or grants from the EU, in particular from the European Investment Bank, the EU bank. So one of the things that we consider in every episode is the link between a prosperous sustainable future and the European Union.

Now, listen to the episode and get ready to hear great stories from a dance teacher, concert hall organiser and theatre director from Slovakia, Poland and Malta.