Remuneration of the members of the EIB Governing Bodies

Remuneration of the members of the EIB Governing Bodies

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This page refers to the remuneration of members of the Governing Bodies. For information regarding the remuneration and benefits applicable to EIB employees, please click on

Board of Governors
The members of the Board of Governors are ministers. Their participation in the Board of Governors is considered to be part of their ministerial duties. Therefore the Governors receive no remuneration from the EIB.

Board of Directors
The Directors, Alternate Directors, Expert Members and Alternate Expert Members of the Board of Directors receive EUR 600 as a daily fee for attending a meeting and a EUR 250 daily subsistence allowance to cover expenses if they have to stay overnight at the place of the meeting in Luxembourg. The Bank also reimburses the travel expenses incurred by members of the Board of Directors.

Management Committee
According to a rule established in 1958 by the Board of Governors, the President of the EIB receives the same monthly salary as the President of the European Commission, and the Vice-Presidents of the European Investment Bank receive the same monthly salary as the Vice-Presidents of the European Commission ( The President and Vice-Presidents of the EIB do not receive a bonus.

Audit Committee
Audit Committee members do not receive remuneration from the Bank. For each meeting of the Committee that they attend, members and observers of the Audit Committee receive an indemnity of EUR 1 050 a day. In addition, the Bank pays a per diem of EUR 250 as a lump-sum reimbursement for hotel and related expenses incurred by individual Audit Committee members, and also reimburses their travel expenses. The members of the Audit Committee do not receive a bonus and are not paid for preparation times between the meetings.