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    Competitiveness is recognized as a key driver of growth. Improving competitiveness while ensuring that the growth process remains inclusive requires coordinated action between the public and private sectors. Private-sector investment and know-how, in conjunction with government action, can foster a more innovative and dynamic economy, creating jobs, boosting productivity and unlocking potential growth for an inclusive, cohesive and prosperous Europe.

    In this context, the European Investment Bank (EIB) will host a workshop entitled

    ‘How to boost competitiveness and inclusive growth in Western, Northern
    and Southern Europe’

    which will take place at the headquarters of the EIB in Luxembourg.

    The workshop is part of the ‘Europe Competitiveness and Inclusive Growth Lab’, a joint effort between the European Investment Bank, Bruegel and the World Economic Forum, aiming to support the design, launch and implementation of actionable agendas for public-private collaborations to increase competitiveness and inclusive growth in Europe.

    The Lab will conduct both an analytical assessment which will take the form of a White Paper and the implementation of concrete public-private partnership opportunities at the EU28, macro-regional and/or industry level. It will focus on investment and the reallocation of resources to innovation and entrepreneurship as key drivers for change. The uniqueness of the project lies in its strong cross-cutting focus on the role of digitization in the regional economy. In this context, the Lab will also address the need for a more deeply integrated European single market as one of the key enablers. Mindful of the short-term challenges currently confronting Europe, the Lab focuses on the longer-term drivers of competitiveness and inclusive growth in the region.

    The workshop on 18 November will serve as a platform to discuss proposed policy actions as well as best practice examples with public and private partners. A preliminary agenda can be found below.

    Participation is by invitation only. For more information please contact