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    On 27 August 2009 the European Regional Science Association Congress was organized in Lodz to discuss some new initiatives taken by the European Union in support of sustainable urban development. The JESSICA (Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas) initiative managed by the EIB in cooperation with the Council Europe Development Bank on behalf of the European Commission was presented as well as the result of the finalised reports on the JESSICA evaluation studies.

    Several topics in the field of urban development were discussed as well as the JESSICA initiative and the results of the completed evaluation studies.

    The Agenda, the list of speakers and their presentations are available underneath.


    Session 1: “EU Funds for Urban Regeneration and the JESSICA Initiative: Where we Stand.”
    1. JESSICA 2007-2009. What Have we Learnt?
    Gianni CARBONARO, JESSICA Task Force EIB Luxembourg
    2. The JESSICA Evaluation Studies for Poland
    Paweł MALINOWSKI, EIB Evaluation Study consultant – OVE ARUP
    3. Sustainable Development of the Polish Cities – Need for a Long-term Investment Strategy
    Kamila KALETA, Consultant – JESSICA Task Force
    4. Urban Asset Analysis and Diagnostics for Sustainable Urban Transformation
    Maria BIGONI and Massimo GUAGNINI, Prometeia SpA, Bologna
    Session 2: “Assisting Urban Development Funds: Urban Development Scenarios for the Long-term Investor."

    Studies of Urban Growth and Decline – the Long-term Investor’s View
    Gianni CARBONARO, JESSICA Task Force EIB Luxembourg
    Paul CHESHIRE, Department of Geography, London School of Economics


    Land Value Capture as an Investment Mechanism for Transport Assets
    Francesca MEDDA, Centre for Urban Sustainable Practice (CUSP), University College London

    3. The Under-Capitalisation of Italian Dispersed Cities: A Long-term Policy Challenge
    Antonio G. CALAFATI, Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy
    4. Urban Scenarios for the Long-term Investor: The Case of Turkey
    Ebru YUKSEL, CEB and JESSICA Task Force