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    Europe and the world face common challenges. While we are bombarded daily with news on the effects of challenges such as climate change, the digital transformation of our economies or Russia's invasion of Ukraine, burning questions remain unanswered.

    Our What’s the matter? series, presented by our own Mercedes Landete and David Yormesor, tackles those subjects. On each episode experts provide their insights and shed light on the state of Europe and the world. Start watching now!

    Episode 5: Europe’s Economy Under Pressure

    Despite the context of geopolitical instability and economic uncertainties, 85% of companies managed to invest last year.

    In the fifth episode of our What’s the Matter? series we listen to European business managers about their struggles to transform and stay competitive. We will also hear from the European Investment Bank’s Chief Economist, Debora Revoltella, who shares the findings of the latest EIB Investment Survey.


    Episode 4: Education & skills 

    85% of EU firms say they struggle to find employees with the right skills. In fact, according to the EIB Investment Survey, a lack of qualified workers is preventing companies from investing. So, how can we fill the skills gap?

    In our fourth episode, we delve into the issue with Patricia Castellarnau, head of education and public research at the European Investment Bank, and Emily Sinnott, head of policy and strategy in the EIB's Economics Department. As we travel around Europe, from Finland to Italy, looking for examples of how countries are improving education and skills, the experts agree: education and skills are a lifelong journey. Honing skills requires constant learning and investment.


    Episode 3: Stand up for Ukraine 

    For our third episode of the series, we travelled to Ukraine and neighbouring Poland to learn from Ukrainian refugees about the situation one year after the start of the Russian invasion. Olena Zelenska, the first lady of Ukraine, also joined us for an interview to discuss the Olena Zelenska Foundation, which she founded a year ago to channel more global aid to local issues such as healthcare, housing, humanitarian aid, childcare and education.


    Episode 2: People and climate change

    Did you know that 84% of Europeans say that if we don’t drastically reduce energy consumption, we are heading for a global catastrophe? In this episode of What’s the matter, we detail the findings of our latest Climate Survey together with Nancy Saich, EIB’s Chief Climate Change Expert, and Edouard Lecerf, Deputy General Manager of BVA. We also analyse the state of the environment in Europe and the World with Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency.


    Episode 1: Digitalisation

    Did you know that during 2021 one out of four European companies did not invest in digital transformation? When talking about digitalisation, what is the position of Europe in the world? Who is leading? What are the challenges? Is there any link between investing in innovative digital technologies and fighting climate change? In this episode, we try to find answers to those questions with the help of our economist Désirée Rückert.